Bridging the Gap

Within recent years, the linkage and connection between British culture and African culture has been greatly exacerbated. Hugely prominent UK artists like Dave, Stromzy, Jorja Smith and the aforementioned J Hus have infused African drum patterns, samples and vocals into their music. By the same token, African artists the likes of Burna Boy, Zlatan and Davido have seen their music translate beautifully into the British scene, thereby leading to an epic cycle of success for all concerned. 

Whether it be in the club, the charts or the AUX cord of a friend’s car, songs such as “Location”, “Play Play”, “Be Honest”, “Options” and so many more, have garnered so much success and universal praise from casual fans and music critics alike for the masterful way in which two distinct cultures and genres of music have been amalgamated into one. On both sides, there exists an evident love and appreciation for the positive aspects of both cultures. Thereby allowing the distinct elements and features of both to shine.

At Elizé, our mission is to replicate this same formula within the fashion world. Through a deep study of what makes the British and the traditional African Fashion scenes popular and successful, we are seeking to bridge the gap which exists between these two areas of fashion.

And similar to our counterparts in the Music industry, we believe and understand that the starting point for this work, is appreciation. As a Black-African owned business, Elizé possess a natural and inherent understanding of the beauty which the continent exudes. However, what we’re aspiring to do as a company is showcase an appreciation for what African fashion has to offer. Our goal is to create a platform and a lane within the British fashion scene where the African influence can shine through in all its glory.

In similar manner to how AfroUK music has become a new staple of the British life, at Elizé we’re working to foster an environment where African culture begins to influence everyday British Fashion. 

By centering our products on a foundation build upon the appreciation of African heritage and the celebration of the continents beauty and riches. We believe that Elizé can, and will, bridge the gap between Britain and Africa, which presently exists within the fashion industry.