Step into a world of fashion without geographical and cultural barriers. 
We form iconic streetwear pieces that combine colour, high-quality manufacturing, custom-made patterns and designs which epitomise the African spirit. 
ELIZÉ presents an exclusive approach to streetwear fashion, through the inspiration of connecting two prominent cultures with contemporary style.


Our vision is synonymous with inclusivity, we don’t want African culture and style to be something that is reserved for only cultural celebrations.

Our pieces are created to be truly unique yet reusable, as we combine two cultural styles which may seem worlds apart, but in fact create an iconic fusion in the form of streetwear. 
Step into the world of ELIZÉ.



Our incentive is to create permanent, positive developments for the same communities who inspire our brand.


With the fundamentals and initiative of each design targeting a previously unvisited area of Streetwear: bringing 2 bold cultures together. Forming a never-before seen fusion which embraces culture, history and present streetwear trends.
 Join our slow fashion brand and Embody the Spirit of Africa with wardrobe staples you’ll fall in love with.


Every purchase with ELIZÉ equates to gaining Tembo Coins on your personal account with us, which can be redeemed to access your own exclusive rewards.  
The more Tembo Coins you accumulate, the greater rewards you will have access to enjoy.  As an ELIZÉ customer, you invest and empower the same communities who inspire the designs you step out in.