Whilst our clothing has been inspired by African patterns and style, it is clear that we at Elizé want to do everything possible to celebrate our African heritage and express the beauty of African styles to Western audiences. However, to us it isn’t enough to just celebrate our heritage, we also feel the want to benefit and support the communities which are so essential to us. As such, we have committed to investing a proportion of all sales to Excell International Charities and their flagship projects in Nigeria. Namely, Excel International schools and Excel International farms. 

Excel International Schools is launching a project named ‘£1 a day’ school, which aims to offer a high standard of education to children from deprived areas in Nigeria for just a pound a day. The aim of this is to tackle the educational divide between children in Nigeria who have access to the best private schools and your more traditional international schools, and those who unfortunately are not provided with these same opportunities. For just a pound a day, this school offers a curriculum that includes a varied syllabus that includes subjects such as computer coding and modern agriculture alongside your more traditional subjects such as Maths and English. With this, we will have a generation of Nigerian students who have the skills to be successful in an ever developing world, who have developed the capabilities to be successful no matter their background. 
The next project that we will be supporting is Excel International Farms, a vertical farming project that aims to innovate the way traditional farming is done throughout much of Nigeria. For those who do not know about vertical farming, in essence the idea behind it is that plants are grown in vertical layers within a greenhouse rather than the traditional method of spreading crops out over a wide area. There are numerous benefits to this method of farming, including using just 10% of the water that traditional farming uses, benefits for the environment due to not needing to use farming equipment to sow, fertilize or harvest crops and supporting biodiversity by not having as much land surface disturbance amongst many other benefits. For many, vertical farming is seen as the future, and we believe that African states should have the infrastructure to be at the forefront of this revolution. By investing in this project we will have the opportunity to support fundamental infrastructural growth within Nigeria that will heavily benefit the communities that so heavily influence us. 
We don’t just want you to take our word for how these projects are developing, but we want you to see exactly how with your help we are supporting these projects and how much good we are doing for these communities together. There will be regular posts of both the school and the farms, showing you just how much good you are doing and the influence that together we can have in these areas. We will also show you other ways to support these projects and how you can go above and beyond to assist in the development of the charities. We at Elizé believe that if you can do better, you should do better. With your support we want to ensure that for those that inspire us, we are constantly doing better.